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Drowning in debt? No More Debt is your one stop shop for all your personal and business debt problems you may be experiencing right now. No debt problem is too big or too small for us to handle. When you get in touch with one of our qualified and experienced debt counsellors you will know you are in safe hands! All our advice on voluntary sequestration, debt counselling and business insolvency is completely FREE. For the best debt counselling South Africa has to offer, look no further than No More Debt

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Debt Counselling?

  • I can’t afford my monthly debt repayments in full
  • I have cancelled insurance and medical aid
  • I am scared I will fall behind
  • After I have paid my debt I have nothing left
  • I want to afford to pay my debt


  • Its going to take forever to repay my debt
  • I have judgements against my name
  • My vehicle/house was repossessed
  • I have Garnishee orders
  • I am insolvent


  • My business is insolvent
  • My company is in financial debt
  • I cannot afford to pay my business debt

Vehicle Product?

  • I am sequestrated
  • I need a vehicle
  • My car is being taken away
  • Cannot repay my car payments

No More Debt looks forward to be of service to you. Our experienced debt counsellors will guide you through the process of sequestration and lead you on the path to financial freedom every step of the way!